What Discover in Yecla

Sierra Salinas

Nature. Information: Tourism Office, Tel: +34 968 754 104 www

Monte Arabi

Nature and cave paintings. Information: Tourism Office, Tel: +34 968 754 104 www


Archaeological Museum MAYE "Cayetano de Mergelina"

A fascinating journey that begins at around 150,000 bc (Middle Paleolithic) and ends in the low average age at the end of XV century, Tlf: +34 968 79 09 01 link www

Museum Replicas of Grego

Contains seventy-three replicas of other as many original works by El Greco, carried out by the painter John Albert yeclano Roses, Tlf: +34 968 79 09 01 link www

Museum Mariano "Virgen del Castillo"

Located next to the Sanctuary of the Castle. You can see all kinds of objects related to the festivities. Information: Tourism Office, Tel: +34 968 754 104 www

Museum of Holy Week

Located in the Old Church, under the gothic naves, this museum contains the processions of Holy Week. Examples of the imagery Murcia and Valencia. Information: Tourism Office, Tel: +34 968 754 104 www

Museo Taurino

Located next to the headquarters of the Taurine Yeclana penalty, in the same Plaza de Toros. Information: Tourism Office, Tel: +34 968 754 104 www


Plaza Mayor

Are the Ayuntamienot, are in the House of the Alarcos, Lonja and Clock Tower, granary Tlf: +34 968 754 104 www

The Purisima Basilica

In the neoclassical style; although by its grandeur is confused with buildings of the s. XVI . The temple has a Latin cross plan with three naves, Tlf: +34 968 754 104 www

Secure Shell Theater"

The current Theater "Secure Shell", is located on the grounds where stood the old house Panera Granary, setting its construction and upkeep between 1886 and 1887. The making of the work is exclusively for the Municipal Corporation. Tlf: +34 968 75 11 34 link www


December: Feast of the Virgen

The Patron Saint Festivities of Yecla, have their origin in the recruitment of a company of yeclanos under the command of Captain Martin Soriano Zaplana, marching to the "war of Catalonia" in 1642, called by the King. After six months of stay in the garrison of Vinaros, returning without novelty. Link www

March/April: Holy Week

Declared of regional tourist interest, link www

May: San Isidro

These celebrations are an important root in a city that until the mid s. XX Link www

September: September Fair

Traditional Fair, with fun for all the public and gastronomic variety. Link www

September: Furniture Fair

Furniture Fair, with a participation of representatives of the furniture industry at both the national and international level. Link www


Wine Tourism

Discover and visit all the wineries of the wine route of Yecla link www

Guided routes

Yecla to know with a tour guide, during the morning of the weekend. See dates and tours Information and reservations: Tourism Office, Tel: +34 968 754 104 www


Discover the gastronomy Yeclana through our traditional dishes typical dishes

In the restaurants of the wine route Restaurants

Wine Route of Yecla

The Wine Route of Yecla is a way to discover, through the wine culture, our municipality and its tourism resources. Unique experiences. Link www